Why DoorDash merchants use custom Android tablets


With Social Mobile’s Enterprise Mobility platform, once an Android security update is released, all devices are updated from one portal within minutes. Automatic updates with Android Enterprise also give us peace of mind.

We added another layer of security to the DoorDash Merchant tablet with Google Play Protect. By creating a single product SKU that’s Google Play Protect-certified and certified with all regulators, we’ve saved millions of dollars per year in engineering and project management resources. This has also streamlined the onboarding process and made it easier to launch in new markets, since we no longer have to source or certify new devices.

Android tablets help our merchants spend less time troubleshooting technology and more time focusing on their business. Plus, our IT team can rest assured that the devices are secure and easily deployed. These are the kinds of results we were hoping for, and Social Mobile and Android Enterprise helped us deliver on them.

Original Source: https://blog.google/products/android-enterprise/android-tablets-doordash/

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