The measure of: Arosa electric hovercraft

A Maryland-based company has created an electric hovercraft that takes on the look of a sports car.

VonMercier’s Arosa hovercraft is powered by a trio of electric engines with the capacity to glide 15-20cm above the ground, making it possible for the vehicle to move across gravel, grass, snow, sand and water.
Its body and hull are moulded from carbon fibre and it has a three-seater open-air cockpit, with an optional teak deck and a ladder for use on water.

Besides being easily chargeable via a standard EV charger, its electric powertrain also reduces noise, pollution and maintenance compared to a petrol version – and it is said to be quieter than a vacuum cleaner.

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VonMercier will produce only 25 models this year but is aiming to double production in 2024. The Arosa has a $200,000 price tag.

Vital statistics: Arosa electric hovercraft

Length: 4.9m

Width: 2.4m

Height: 1.4m

Empty weight: 408-630kg

Hover height: 15-20cm

Payload: 227kg

Passengers: 2-3

Electric power: 178kW

Aerodynamic speed limit: 50mph

Cruise speed: 20mph

Battery voltage: 403V

Battery energy: 18 or 36kWh

Battery max duration: 1.5-3 hours

Battery charge time: 3-6 hours

Approx range: 65-130km

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