The Local Guide using Maps to promote inclusive places


I believe that everyone has the right to navigate the world freely and safely, which is what I focus on most with my Google Maps reviews. I try to add information that can help others figure out if a place is LGBTQI+ or accessibility friendly — or ideally, both.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years looking for accessibility-friendly features everywhere I go, whether it’s a restaurant, a store or a park. It’s second nature for me to look for ramps and wheelchair lifts, signs with braille or information on hearing loop sound systems for people with hearing aids. I will take a quick photo of the entrance, take a mental note of parking in the area and look for an accessible entrance. When I’m inside, I take photos and videos of the general layout of the place. Videos are especially important for people who may have a sensitivity to loud environments. I also look for restrooms and toilets and whether they have baby changing facilities. I add this kind of information in my reviews and add photos or videos so people can see how accessible a place is before they arrive.

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