Take a journey on Romania’s Via Transilvanica trail with Street View


Have you heard of Via Transilvanica? This long-distance trail — similar in concept to El Camino or the Appalachian Trail — is a 1,400-kilometer route crossing Transylvania in Romania, connecting 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The project, initiated by the Tășuleasa Social Association, was awarded the Public Choice Award 2023 in the European Heritage Awards.

Now, more than 850 kilometers of trails and roads on Via Transilvanica can be explored on Google Street View. In August 2023, a team of Google Street View Trusted Photographers from Romania drove a specially designed recumbent trike, fitted with a panoramic camera, along the trail to photograph some of the most stunning parts of Via Transilvanica.

Original Source: https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/arts-culture/take-a-journey-on-romanias-via-transilvanica-trail-with-street-view/

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