Stereo Machine Vision With Custom FPGA for Precise Surgical Tracking

Developing imaging technology for surgical tracking requires engineering that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional camera providers. Discover how JADAK collaborated with ClaroNav, a worldwide pioneer in surgical navigation, to integrate system electronics and FPGA processing into a customized solution for their next-gen MicronTracker, greatly improving imaging speed and accuracy.
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Emulation: The Future of EV Design

Automakers face pressure to develop energy-efficient and powerful electric vehicle (EV) batteries, electric drivetrains, and charging infrastructure as the global automotive market ramps up EV production to meet net zero emission goals.Emulation technology is emerging as a vital tool that reduces design verification time and cost across this e-mobility ecosystem.…
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Space Tech Is Soaring into New Frontiers. Here’s Your Roadmap.

The space technology industry is defying gravity both literally and figuratively — driving innovation that pushes into new frontiers.Keysight’s new in-depth survey of the latest trends in this fast-paced industry can help you identify:Top satellite applications driving market growthTop enabling technologies, technology trends, and novel solutionsWhat space technology leaders consider…
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Accelerate 800G Ethernet Deployments

Get up to speed on the evolution of data centers.The “Data Center Ethernet Technology and Evolution to 224 Gbps” application note explains the latest evolution of high speed ethernet links, technical challenges of 800G ethernet, and test solutions available for up to 224 Gbps interfaces.Download your free copy now.
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Small Modular Reactors: Capital Funding, Financing & Economic Viability

New nuclear looks different, which requires new types of financing. New investment and partnerships are seemingly occurring every day across the industry, including SK Group’s $250million investment into Terrapower, and X-energy’s partnership with Dow Chemical.What can be done to encourage financial investment and improve the economic viability and the ROI…
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