IoT Related EM Simulation Scenarios

Electromagnetic aspects of selected Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios are presented: devices inside an aircraft apartment, devices used for locating humans inside a corridor, several RFID devices and several reader/tag scenarios. The suitability of WIPL-D software to analyze IoT systems is demonstrated including flexible EM modeling and numerically efficient simulations.…
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Loudspeaker Electroacoustic Measurements Application Note

This application note presents a comprehensive overview of critical electroacoustic measurements essential for characterizing the performance of loudspeaker drive units and systems. The focus is on key objective measurements, with reference to industry standards for guidance. The complexity of measuring loudspeakers is emphasized, requiring precision microphones and electronics with a…
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Radomes: Efficient 3D EM Simulation

Highly efficient implementation of Method-of-Moments (MoM) for radome simulations in WIPL-D suite is described in this comprehensive study. Sophisticated approximations rather than geometrical or physical optics (GO, PO) methods were used. Straightforward usage and effectiveness of in-house developed techniques along with efficient utilization of graphical processing units (GPU) are explained.Download…
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Next Generation Wireless: A Guide to the Fundamentals of 6G

Get ahead of the game with Keysight’s brand new 6G eBook. With this essential guide, you’ll have all the tools you need to build a solid foundation of 6G knowledge.Explore the technologies and industry-driven applications that are setting the stage for the next generation of wireless communications including:New spectrum technologiesArtificial…
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How One Technology Precinct Is Attracting the World’s Most Progressive Innovators

Home to Atlassian, Canva and Afterpay and ranked #1 tech startup ecosystem in the southern hemisphere, Sydney’s Tech Central is redefining how large tech companies, startups, and academic institutions can work together to drive global change.Download tech & innovation ebook to learn moreAs the startup capital of Australia, Sydney is…
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Powering Clean Energy Solutions

Engineers and scientists are hard at work improving the practicality, cost-efficiency, and accessibility of green energy solutions, allowing us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Several options have emerged as feasible alternatives, including solar, wind, tidal, and hydrogen power. However, with new solutions and technologies come new challenges. As…
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