From Fast to Faster: A Deep Dive into Memory System Speed Optimization

Memory interface speeds keep increasing to meet performance demand. For instance, DDR5 is 275% faster than DDR4, reaching 8800 MT/s or more. But higher speeds also complicate memory design and validation. To achieve the next memory standard, designers need a connected workflow that streamlines time-to-insight from concept to simulation and…
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Data Acquisition On-Demand Webinars

Learn more about high-performance digitizers and topics such as pulse detection, peer-to-peer streaming, high-level synthesis, and more. Register now for instant online access to our webinars.Introduction to High-Level Synthesis (HLS)Learn how HLS helps simplify FPGA firmware development by using programming languages such as C.❯ WATCH HEREPulse Detection in the Presence…
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Electronics Cooling Simulation with CST Studio Suite®: From Consumer Devices to Datacenter Racks

Thermal management has always been a challenge for modern electronics, especially with ever increasing demands for more powerful, yet smaller devices. A 'cool' electronics device requires careful thermal considerations and powerful simulation tools make the design process efficient. This webinar will highlight SIMULIA electronics cooling solutions in CST Studio Suite…
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Introduction to EMC Simulation

EMC simulation is of significant interest to both engineering and business, owing to the possible capability to predict EMC failures, root causes, and offer design guidelines through data—all within virtual experiments. Over the past 15 years, simulation methods and workflows have matured to a level where they are successfully embedded…
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Satellite Communications Constellation Modeling and Physical Layer Design

The emerging trend to incorporate satellite constellations for wireless communications drives the needs to model and analyze large constellations and multi-domain scenarios that include satellites, aircraft, and moving ground vehicles. This webinar discusses design challenges and tools to perform end-to-end link simulations with signals like 5G NTN, DVB-S2/S2X/RCS2, and GPS.…
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Next Generation Technologies for Semiconductor Failure Analysis

The continuous downscaling of semiconductor technology nodes imposes ever more stringent requirements on metrology and failure analysis tools. This webinar will discuss recent advances in the following tools for failure analysis: Energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) ­– EDS on a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) is a…
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