Design Exploration of RF GaN Amplifier, 3D Packaging, and Thermal Analysis

Join us for this webinar on RF GaN amplifier design using electromagnetic/thermal 3D solvers. We will discuss the step-by-step process of building a GaN amplifier, beginning with the transistor model in the circuit simulator.The webinar will outline the steps required to convert this to a physical layout for electromagnetic simulation…
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High-Performance Data Acquisition for Swept-Source OCT

In this webinar, we explore the advancements in data acquisition boards for Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT). Discover how these boards enable deeper and wider imaging with higher resolution and faster scan rates. Topics include advantages of k-clock remapping (sampling the k-clock) versus direct clocking (clocking the digitizer with the…
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From Fast to Faster: A Deep Dive into Memory System Speed Optimization

Memory interface speeds keep increasing to meet performance demand. For instance, DDR5 is 275% faster than DDR4, reaching 8800 MT/s or more. But higher speeds also complicate memory design and validation. To achieve the next memory standard, designers need a connected workflow that streamlines time-to-insight from concept to simulation and…
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Data Acquisition On-Demand Webinars

Learn more about high-performance digitizers and topics such as pulse detection, peer-to-peer streaming, high-level synthesis, and more. Register now for instant online access to our webinars.Introduction to High-Level Synthesis (HLS)Learn how HLS helps simplify FPGA firmware development by using programming languages such as C.❯ WATCH HEREPulse Detection in the Presence…
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Electronics Cooling Simulation with CST Studio Suite®: From Consumer Devices to Datacenter Racks

Thermal management has always been a challenge for modern electronics, especially with ever increasing demands for more powerful, yet smaller devices. A 'cool' electronics device requires careful thermal considerations and powerful simulation tools make the design process efficient. This webinar will highlight SIMULIA electronics cooling solutions in CST Studio Suite…
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