What You Might Not Know About Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Critical considerations pertinent to connected autonomous vehicles, such as ethics, liability, privacy, and cybersecurity, do not share the same spotlight as the CAVs’ benefits. Although CAVs’ abilities to reduce the number of fatal accidents and to consume less fuel receive most of the attention, the vehicles’ challenges are equally worthy…
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IEEE Receives Grant to Develop Lesson Plans On Semiconductors

The ON Semiconductor Foundation, an onsemi Giving Now program, recently awarded the IEEE Foundation a two-year grant totaling US $137,125 for IEEE TryEngineering to develop content about semiconductor technology for middle school students and their teachers. The preuniversity outreach program is overseen by IEEE Educational Activities. Onsemi, headquartered in Scottsdale,…
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IEEE Celebrates Engineering Brilliance

Meet the 2024 IEEE Medal and Recognition recipients. The awards are presented on behalf of the IEEE Board of Directors.IEEE MEDAL OF HONORSponsor: IEEE FoundationROBERT E. KAHNCorporation for National Research InitiativesReston, Va.“For pioneering technical and leadership contributions in packet communication technologies and foundations of the Internet.”IEEE FRANCES E. ALLEN MEDALSponsor:…
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