IEEE Celebrates World Standards Day

Every 14 October, the international community celebrates World Standards Day, which recognizes the importance of global standards and honors the individuals and organizations engaged in advancing technological innovation through standards.Why are standards important?Standards touch upon almost all products, services, and technologies in use today around the globe. They help ensure…
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Linda Doyle Blasts Through Ireland’s Academic Glass Ceiling

Linda Doyle has broken through Ireland’s academic glass ceiling. She is the first woman to be provost of the country’s top-ranked university, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin.Trinity’s provost is elected by faculty members and student representatives, not a board of trustees, as happens with American university presidents. The…
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IEEE Strengthens its Support for Open Science

Open science is the principle and practice of making research products and processes available to all while respecting diverse cultures; maintaining security and privacy; and fostering collaborations, reproducibility, and equity. “IEEE strongly supports the sharing of research processes, methods, data, code, and findings as openly as possible to promote collaboration,…
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