USC Professor’s Simulation Software Teaches Systems Engineering Topics

Azad M. Madni spent some 40 years working on artificial intelligence and simulation technologies that allowed U.S. soldiers to safely train for combat operations in virtual worlds. Now Madni—a professor of astronautics, aerospace, and mechanical engineering at the University of Southern California—is working to transform engineering education. But he hasn’t…
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Augmented-Reality Platform Lets Consumers Customize Products

Interactive 3D and augmented reality online are making it easier for car manufacturers, fashion brands, and other businesses to design and produce their products. The platform developed by startup Emersya of Montpellier, France, pioneered the approach for product development, allowing teams to collaborate in 3D on design from ideation to…
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IEEE’s Honor Society Gave This Boston University Student Tools to Succeed

When Joseph Greene was inducted into IEEE–Eta Kappa Nu almost a decade ago, the undergraduate EE student never imagined the impact IEEE-HKN would have on his life. As a member of the Kappa Sigma chapter at Boston University, he learned leadership and communications skills while accepting different roles. Through his…
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A Roadmap for Regulating AI Programs

Globally, policymakers are debating governance approaches to regulate automated systems, especially in response to growing anxiety about unethical use of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. Legislators and regulators are understandably concerned with balancing the need to limit the most serious consequences of AI systems without stifling innovation…
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IEEE Acknowledges World Standards Day

Every 14 October, the international community acknowledges World Standards Day, which recognizes the importance of global standards and honors the individuals and organizations engaged in advancing technological innovation through standards.Why are standards important?Standards touch upon almost all products, services, and technologies in use today around the globe. They help ensure…
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