Morris Tanenbaum, Inventor of the Silicon Microchip, Dies at 94

Morris TanenbaumSilicon microchip inventor Fellow, 94; died 26 FebruaryTanenbaum’s research in the mid-1950s proved that silicon was a better semiconductor material for transistors than germanium, which was commonly used at the time. His discovery paved the way for more efficient transistors critical in technologies that ushered in the Information Age.He…
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IEEE Foundation Celebrates 50 Years of Philanthropy

Since its launch in 1973, the IEEE Foundation has raised more than US $135 million for more than 250 IEEE programs that improve access to technology, enhance technological literacy, and support education.IEEE’s philanthropic partner is celebrating its 50th anniversary with several events that showcase the profound impact donors around the…
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Get to Know the IEEE Board of Directors

The IEEE Board of Directors shapes the future direction of IEEE and is committed to ensuring IEEE remains a strong and vibrant organization—serving the needs of its members and the engineering and technology community worldwide—while fulfilling the IEEE mission of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.This article features IEEE…
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