Quantum computing

Industry Out of Phase With Supercomputers

Technical and economic changes in the semiconductor industry threaten to stifle U.S. development of the next generation of high-performance computers, warns a new report from the National Research Council.With Moore’s Law and the scaling of transistors waning, the industry is turning to chip designs that don’t work for the supercomputing…
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Entangled Photons Produced Entirely On-Chip

Light-based quantum technology could enable virtually unhackable communication networks and computers that can tackle problems that are currently unsolvable. Today, generating exotic quantum states of light requires bulky equipment that limits the scalability of any potential applications. A new device that squeezes all the necessary components onto a chip smaller…
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Quantum Technology’s Unsung Heroes

In a world where quantum technologies are on the rise in computing, cryptography, materials, sensors, telecom, biomed, and AI, it’s easy to forget that not so long ago the words “quantum” and “technology” rarely fit comfortably into a sentence together. A range of trailblazers imagined quantum physics turning into quantum…
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