Is the Future of Moore’s Law in a Particle Accelerator?

As Intel, Samsung, TSMC, and Japan’s upcoming advanced foundry Rapidus each make their separate preparations to cram more and more transistors into every square millimeter of silicon, one thing they all have in common is that the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology underpinning their efforts is extremely complex, extremely expensive,…
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Smart Lasers For Bone Surgery

Lasers have been used in medical and surgical procedures for about half a century or so, but scientists are still at working making them safer, faster, and more accurate. Recently, researchers in Switzerland and their collaborators in New York and Dubai, have developed a prototype bone surgery laser system that…
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Amazon Fires Up Its Space Lasers

A shoot-out featuring thousands of lasers is about to break out in low earth orbit. Luckily, no one will get hurt—the lasers’ targets are the protagonists’ own communications satellites. Amazon has just announced that two of its prototype internet satellites equipped with infrared lasers transferred data at 100 gigabits per…
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