Internet of things

Exploring Sydney’s Deep Tech Ecosystem

This sponsored article is brought to you by BESydney.In the dynamic landscape of Australian technology, market advancements are often attributed to consumer-focused products like Canva and Afterpay. Capturing headlines and attention with their renowned success stories, these, along with other global companies like Atlassian, Facebook, and Apple, have become the…
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Hardware Pioneers Max 2023: Where Electronics, IoT Connectivity and Embedded Systems Converge

There will be an audience of over 2000 people at the event - comprised of engineers, business leaders, technology journalists, industry analysts and investors. 75 influential companies and organisations will be exhibiting, and there will be a series of informative presentations, valuable networking sessions and lively panel discussions too. Among…
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Transforming vibrations into electricity could facilitate self-powered IoT sensors

The new energy-generating device was made by combining piezoelectric composites with carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP), a commonly used material that is both light and strong. This composition allows it to transform vibrations from the surrounding environment into electricity. "Everyday items, from fridges to street lamps, are connected to the internet…
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