European AI leaders Aleph Alpha and Silo ink deal to deliver ‘sovereign AI’

Two of Europe’s emerging leaders in artificial intelligence have signed a deal to spread “sovereign AI” across the continent. Germany’s Aleph Alpha and Finland’s Silo AI announced the partnership today. The duo plan to create a “one-stop-solution” for European industrial firms exploring generative AI. Their collaboration brings together distinctive expertise.…
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Stability AI launches Stable Diffusion 3, its ‘most sophisticated image generation model yet’

Stability AI today launched Stable Diffusion 3 Medium, which the British startup calls its “most advanced text-to-image open model yet.” Comprised of 2 billion parameters, SD3 Medium promises photorealistic results without complex workflows. Crucially, the model can generate these images while running on individual consumer systems. It also overcomes common artefacts in hands…
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