German EV Motor Could Break Supply-Chain Deadlock

Among the countless challenges of decarbonizing transportation, one of the most compelling involves electric motors. In laboratories all over the world, researchers are now chasing a breakthrough that could kick into high gear the transition to electric transportation: a rugged, compact, powerful electric motor that has high power density and…
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Who Will Free EV Motors from the Rare Earth Monopoly?

As the world builds more and more electric cars and trucks—and electrifies other modes of transit—a race is underway to build the ideal, mean-and-green motor. The goal is a traction motor that’s at least as powerful, reliable, and lightweight as today’s industry standard rare-earth permanent magnet synchronous motor. However, rare-earth…
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China’s Belt and Road Initiative pivots to renewables and away from fossil fuels

The Chinese government launched the controversial initiative in 2013, which aims to develop large-scale infrastructure in foreign countries in an effort to enhance its economic influence globally, as well as to address domestic overcapacity issues by exporting excess industrial capacity. It has faced both praise and criticism, with supporters arguing…
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