Brain computer interface

Can AI and fMRI “Hear” Unspoken Thoughts?

What are the opportunities—and challenges—to be found when AI squares off with functional MRI data? For one, researchers have discovered, reconstructing speech from brain activity seems newly possible—potentially without surgical interventions or other hardware interfaces. The group’s finding, published 1 May in Nature Neuroscience, details the process by which the…
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Neuralink’s FDA Troubles Are Just the Beginning

Neuralink, the neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk, is at best having a rough initial go-round with the Food and Drug Administration’s human-trials application process. The company also faces additional investigations by two other U.S. government agencies. These setbacks and the broad, cure-all expectations that its founder has placed on…
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Growing Electronics Inside the Brain

Bioelectronics can be made directly inside the brains of live animals by injecting a cocktail of molecules that can transform into electrically conductive gel, a new study finds.Swedish scientists have created bioelectronics in live zebra fish and leeches with this new technique. In the long term, the ability to turn…
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