Biomedical engineering

Organic Electronics Mimic Retinal Neurons

Finding ways to interface electronics with our biology could help treat neurodegenerative diseases, improve prosthetics, and even lead to novel computing technologies. A chip made from organic electronics that can imitate the way the retina works brings that goal a step closer, its creators say. Hooking conventional electronics up to…
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Teen’s Pill-Tracking Device Attracts Interest From CVS Pharmacy

High school student Archishma Marrapu has made significant strides in the field of biomedical engineering. Her desire to use her technical skills to help others led her to develop low-cost innovations including an automated pill-tracking device that reminds patients to take their medications. Her Project Pill Tracker has caught the…
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IEEE Celebrates Engineering Pioneers and Emerging Technologies

IEEE’s Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit and Honors Ceremony showcases emerging technologies and celebrates engineering pioneers who laid the groundwork for many of today’s electronic devices. I attended this year’s events, held on 4 and 5 May in Atlanta. Here are highlights of the sessions, which are available on…
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