Cheaper green hydrogen production made possible with ‘thermochemical’ method

Green hydrogen is a versatile, storable, potentially zero-carbon fuel source that has been hailed as a solution for countries to reach their net zero targets. It produces just heat and water as by-products when burned or used in fuel cells, making it a highly attractive alternative to fossil fuels. Traditionally,…
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Is it time to ban PVC? Ohio freight train crash reopens the debate

Environmental issues take us round the world in this issue, but let’s start with the Coronation. Whatever you think of him or the monarchy, you have to admit that the newly crowned King Charles III was there early, talking about global warming, conservation and many other environmental issues long before they were fashionable, let alone…
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Interview: Matheu Parr, ACCEL project lead, Rolls-Royce

Describing the event as “a momentous occasion” and an “incredible achievement”, Matheu Parr recalls how Rolls-Royce Electrical’s demonstrator aircraft Spirit of Innovation set three world records. On 16 November 2021 the ACCEL (short for Accelerating the Electrification of Flight) project delivered top speeds over distances of 3km and 15km, and…
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