Artificial intelligence

Llama and ChatGPT Are Not Open-Source

Social media and advertising-technology company Meta recently released an update to its large language model Llama. Llama 2 was released as open source, providing users access to the model’s weights, evaluation code, and documentation. Meta states the open-source release was intended to make the model “accessible to individuals, creators, researchers,…
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Spatial Data Makes AI Crop-Yield Predictions Better

This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore. Researchers from Zhejiang University and risk-management company Tongdun Technology, both based in Hangzhou, China, have improved crop-yield predictions using deep-learning techniques. It’s a promising method that can account for the way crop yield is…
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AI Battles the Bane of Space Junk

Photos from low Earth orbit (LEO) are often strikingly beautiful. But what they typically fail to capture is the tens of thousands of debris pieces, or “space junk,” that orbit around Earth’s face like hungry mosquitoes—and threaten to hit satellites and other orbiting assets with enough force to be destructive.…
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