Street View comes to Kazakhstan


Cruising through Kazakhstan’s captivating cities and landscapes from the comfort of your couch with Street View, you can virtually wander the bustling streets of Almaty or catch glimpses of the city’s architectural gems like the Aktobe Central Mosque.

Street View can also offer a feel for modern city life: You can explore the surroundings of Astana’s architectural marvels like Baiterek monument and observation tower, the transparent tent-shaped Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center and the futuristic Nur Alem museum. In Temirtau, Street View offers a glimpse into the country’s industrial heritage through the Metallurgists’ Cultural Palace, also known as the Temirtau Palace of Culture.

Learn more about how Street View imagery powers Google Maps. And, to see the newest images of Kazakhstan, open up Maps from your phone or computer, click the 360° view or the yellow Street View icon and start exploring.

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