Stitching stories: a digital ode to Mexico’s textile artisans


Woven into the rich tapestry of Mexican culture, embroidery, weaving and textile creation are the heart and soul of indigenous communities. The skilled artisans who master these arts play a vital role in preserving Mexico’s cultural heritage while weaving stories of resilience, creativity and a deep connection to the past.

Today we unveil Crafted in Mexico, a new hub on Google Arts & Culture celebrating our nation’s textile artisans, their enduring skills passed down through generations, and the significance of their work in the past, present and future. These creations embody rich history and craftsmanship, standing as timeless masterpieces.

The project presents over 50 stories that pay tribute to these artisans, their intricate techniques, and the enduring artistry that enriches Mexico’s cultural heritage. Now you can visit the hub to meet some of the artisans, custodians of these traditions in five communities across Mexico, where family ties preserve and advance these legacies.

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