Pixel feature drop: New productivity tools and advanced health features


Amazing photos and videos, directly on Instagram

Your Pixel phone records stunning video with brilliant colors, brighter intensity and higher contrast. You can now capture and share vivid 10-bit HDR videos directly on Instagram Reels, and upload and share beautiful Ultra HDR photos on your Instagram feed.

Circle to Search expands to Pixel 7

We recently announced Circle to Search, a new way to search anything on your Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. And soon, Circle to Search will be available on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, so you can get more information from Search, without switching apps. Simply long-press the Pixel home button or navigation bar and circle, scribble, highlight or tap an image, text, or video, and get the information you need right where you are.

New features for first-gen Pixel Watch

Starting today, we’re bringing many of our advanced features from Pixel Watch 2 to the first-gen Pixel Watch.

Track your workouts with even more options

Are you training for a race and want to achieve a certain pace goal or trying to push yourself to run faster? With Pace Training on first-gen Pixel Watch, you can use your device to set a goal pace during an exercise to know when you are within your target, thanks to its built-in GPS and motion sensors. And when you fall outside of your target pace, you’ll get haptics and voice cues on the watch when paired with Pixel Buds Pro.

If heart rate zones are your goal, you can now use Heart Zone Training on your first-gen Pixel Watch to monitor the time you spend in each of your personal heart rate zones, based on your resting heart rate and fitness levels, to help optimize and guide your workouts. You can also set personal targets and turn on haptic notifications and voice alerts for when you move from one heart rate zone to another.

With a completely redesigned workouts user interface, which includes larger text and brighter colors, you can easily see your workout stats at a glance for pace and heart rate so you can stay focused and on track.

In addition to auto-pause, we are bringing auto-start and auto-stop to your first-gen Pixel Watch, so you no longer have to manually begin or end a workout. Your Pixel Watch will now automatically start and stop your workouts directly from your wrist when it detects the activity. This works for running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor bike, treadmill and rowing.

Original Source: https://blog.google/products/pixel/pixel-feature-drop-march-2024/

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