New ways we’re helping reduce transportation and energy emissions


Helping people get from A to B more sustainably

People are looking for information about how to reduce their environmental footprint when in transit — from heading to work to picking up groceries. That’s why we’ll start rolling out fuel-efficient routing in Google Maps to India and Indonesia this year — adding to existing availability in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Egypt. Plus, in these two new countries, we’re including fuel-efficient routes for two-wheelers to help even more people travel more sustainably.

Fuel-efficient routing uses AI to suggest routes that have fewer hills, less traffic, and constant speeds with the same or similar ETA. Since launching in October 2021, it’s estimated to have helped prevent more than 2.4 million metric tons of CO2e emissions — the equivalent of taking approximately 500,000 fuel-based cars off the road for a year.

To help people find other sustainable modes of transportation, like rail, new train route suggestions will soon appear on Search when you look for flights. And in the near future, in France, when people look up driving directions, Maps will show public transit or walking suggestions next to driving routes if travel times are comparable and practical.

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