Meet the young Canadian innovators of Google’s Code Next program


And what’s driving the ambition of Eniola Atoyebi in her town of The Pas, Manitoba? “I want to learn how to take [my] skills and use them to make something extraordinary. So far, none of my projects have left my computer, and I want to create something people are interested in,” Eniola says.

An ambassador for Canadian coding non profit Hackergal, Eniola created a coding club as a middle-school student and taught girls how to code. She also is writing a book and loves to make video games, a passion that inspired her Demo Day project. “In my project, there are hundreds of circles, all of which have their own color, placement, and movement speed that the computer needs to keep track of,” she explains. “Throughout the creation of my project, I learned how to create and control multiple moving elements using Javascript and I’m proud of the amount of complexity I was able to incorporate using minimal code.”

While these curious-minded and forward-thinking students from across Canada are planning for their future roles in tech, our goal is to help them develop their technical intuition and ensure they have access to the tools they need to succeed.

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