Guide to Environmental Sustainability Metrics for Data Centres

How should Data Centre sustainability be measured? Environmental sustainability reporting is a growing focus for many data centre operators. Yet, the industry lacks a standardised approach for implementing, measuring, and reporting on environmental impact. To support the data centre industry, Schneider Electric has created a first-of-its-kind Data Centre Environmental Sustainability Metric Framework that will empower the data centre industry to take control of sustainability goals.

Many companies are now reporting on sustainability as a supplement to financial reporting. They are communicating their commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs.

The data centre industry has unique characteristics, such as high energy intensity, rapid growth, large power consumption and water usage that require specialised metrics. Standardising these metrics will help with adoption, improve benchmarking, and progress sustainability within the industry.

Schneider Electric developed a holistic framework with standardised metrics to guide operators and the industry at large.

Key Learning Points

  • Will empower the data centre industry to take control of sustainability goals
  • Act on the data to improve operations
  • Remove the difficulty of selecting impactful metrics for tracking
  • Improve communication and alignment with internal teams (design, procurement, operations, sustainability) on sustainability objectives

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