Googlers share their stories for Disability Pride Month


July is Disability Pride Month, one of my favorite times of year to celebrate Disability pride and culture and to honor the history, experiences, and struggles of the Disability community. As the Global President of Google’s Disability Alliance employee resource group (DA), a group of Disabled workers and their allies, I experience every day how this group supports each other and advocates for a Disability-inclusive company culture.

As someone who has not always been included or respected, I feel a personal responsibility to do whatever I can to create a better world for my Disabled and Neurodiverse comrades. This year for Disability Pride, I felt moved to create a film amplifying the stories of Disability Alliance members, especially those who are multiply marginalized and multiply disabled. This film features members of the DA as we share our stories with filmmaker Jim LeBrecht.

Check out the film with audio description below, or without audio description above.

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