Google, GESDA and XPRIZE launch new competition in Quantum Applications

To learn more, get involved, or comment on a public draft of the prize scoping and competition guidelines, you can register on the prize website.

Google is committed to supporting responsible innovation; just as important as finding useful applications is the competition’s collaborative approach and focus on beneficial applications, in line with the SDGs. Quantum computers are very costly to build, and as a result many are likely to focus on the most lucrative potential applications. We believe it’s critical to specifically identify applications that could benefit society and to include innovators from diverse geographies and backgrounds from other relevant domains in our collective endeavor to discover useful applications. We encourage other funders across the government, industry and nonprofit sectors to do the same.

The XPRIZE Quantum Applications competition is an opportunity to shape a future where quantum computers help tackle the world’s most complex problems, in areas like sustainability, energy and health. But the scale of this challenge demands a collaborative approach — please join us!

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