Folha de S.Paulo: 100 years of Brazilian history in pictures


For almost three decades, I have been working at Folha de S.Paulo, a São Paulo-based newspaper founded in 1921 that grew into one of the most influential and reliable sources of news in Brazil. Since 2019, I have led the newsroom as its editor-in-chief. Folha has covered all the most important moments in Brazilian history throughout the 20th century and we remain a trustworthy source of information for Brazilians by delivering high quality news every day, in real time.

In 2021, Folha celebrated its 100th anniversary and, throughout our history, we have built one of the most complete photographic archives in Brazil. This collection of photos, which helps us to understand the history of Brazil, is now available on Google Arts & Culture with over 10,000 images and 60 curated stories. The project offers a century-long perspective on Brazilian history and society, also serving as a unique view into world events from a Brazilian standpoint.

As we announce this project, we are proud to say that Folha is the first active newspaper to open up our archive on the platform through an immersive online experience where you can dive into our collection. You can explore stories from Brazilian cultural celebrations to historic sporting achievements and bold photographs that capture history in the making, along with the whimsical cartoons that graced our pages.

Visit for a full deep-dive into the archive or read on to discover five of my favorite highlights:

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