Drive like a champion with Allyson Felix


Track and field Olympian Allyson Felix brings a champion outlook to the latest Waze driving experience. Instead of stressing out about wrong turns or traffic jams, Allyson helps put things into perspective and shows how we can approach everyday tasks with a growth mindset — even driving.

Start your morning commute in Allyson’s custom vehicle “Freedom No Chains,” the 1985 BMW 325i — in Olympic gold, of course. Then choose Allyson’s “Purposeful” Mood to remind yourself that mistakes aren’t a big deal, they’re a learning opportunity. Allyson will share inspiration during your drives like, “We’re bringing everything back to purpose today. As long as we’re thinking about why we’re doing what we’re doing, we’ll be improving at everything we do.” She will also remind you, “OK! Time to drive. We are in a growth mindset today. We’re stringing together good decisions, to get to great places.”

This experience is now available globally with voice navigation in English. Make sure you have the latest version of Waze, and look for the Allyson Felix banner in the left menu of the app, or activate today using this link.

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