Designing for Facility Management 2.0

The traditional design-build process must change to a more inclusive, collaborative approach to ensure that facility management teams get the digital tools necessary to achieve smart building outcomes. Such a change will help ensure smart building infrastructure to be purposefully designed for maximum usability and effectiveness, build costs to be optimised, and technical risk to be minimised.

This white paper brings together industry thought leaders from across the value chain to discuss a recommended path forward, including the tangible benefits to each stakeholder with proof of success.

Key Learning Points:

  • You will better understand that even though evolving standards and guidelines are encompassing many of the new FM challenges, the industry has yet to catch up and embrace the vision of facility management 2.0.
  • You will learn about the challenges faced by each stakeholder group across the building value chain and the tangible benefits they can realise through a more collaborative approach in the design-build process.
  • You will discover a recommended set of new best practices intended to help all players, large and small, around the globe move forward in helping make the facility management 2.0 vision a reality.

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