Celebrate your holiday travels with Waze


This holiday season, Waze is bringing you two festive driving experiences to make every journey a little bit merrier. For all of our sassy (but sweet!) drivers, we are introducing Waze’s Spicy Gingerbread Man driving experience, and also bringing back Santa Claus to get all passengers in the holiday spirit.

This Gingerbread Man is a sassy sweetie with fresh-baked opinions about the holidays and everything that’s wrong with them. He’s 1% sweet, 99% spice, and 100% the most entertaining guest at any wintertime get-together. Choose Snappy as your Mood and drive in your custom Slay Ride for the sweetest ride this season. And if Spicy Gingerbread Man sounds familiar, it’s because he’s voiced by Peloton instructor, Matty Maggiacomo! Activate by clicking here.

Santa Claus is back in town — and on Waze — with his “ho-ho-hos,” commentary on hazards ahead, and good tidings for all. His voice navigation will make any drive (to the supermarket, mall, work or your in-laws) a more holly jolly ride. You can pair the Santa voice navigation with his signature Sleigh and swap out your Mood for Santa for the full festive experience. Activate by clicking here.

Original Source: https://blog.google/waze/celebrate-your-holiday-travels-with-waze/

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