Metallurgy & Material Science

Sharper 3D Holograms Come Into Focus

Actual 3D holograms may be achievable in a projected medium that aren’t blurry or fuzzy but still appear to have real depth, according to a new study. The researchers, based in China and Singapore, exerted a new level of control over the hologram projection’s scattering medium.Much like flying cars or…
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Holograms Supercharge Nanoscale 3D Printing

Using holograms, a nanoscale 3D printer can now rapidly fabricate complex items with details smaller than a wavelength of visible light, a new study finds. This research can rapidly manufacture nanotechnological arrays of wires, lenses, rotating magnetic gears, and other structures—suggesting applications in electronics, photonics, microrobotics and more.Currently, the most…
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Hybrid Memristor AI Chips Could Scale

By combining atomically thin devices with conventional microchips, scientists have created brain-mimicking hybrid electronics that can help implement neural-network artificial-intelligence systems in a far more energy-efficient way than standard electronics, a new study finds.As electronics become tinier and tinier, scientists are investigating atomically thin 2D materials for next-generation electronics. For…
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