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Net zero buildings: the future of construction?

With humanity scrambling to respond to climate change, countless companies, investors, public sector bodies and national governments have made commitments to achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions in the next two or three decades. Net zero is the notion that any greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted through an organisation’s activities must be balanced out through…
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The measure of: Ocean Builders’ SeaPod

Billed as the world’s first eco-restorative floating home, the SeaPod addresses the lack of space in desirable seaside destinations, incorporating advanced green technology to be both sustainable and comfortable. The range includes three models designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis: the SeaPod, the EcoPod and a GreenPod engineered for use…
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Climate change puts coastal castles at risk

Conservation charity English Heritage has issued a warning regarding the danger that climate change poses to the survival of several castles on the UK coastline, some of which have stood for hundreds of years.  The charity, which manages over 400 historic sites across England, highlighted six castles threatened by coastal…
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