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Decoding Stress from Wearable Tech

Can your mind be read at arm’s length? Scientists and clinicians at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York have taken a step down this road—using smartwatch data to discover aspects of a wearer’s psychological state. The researchers want to predict a person’s resilience, optimism, and emotional support–all correlated with positive…
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Stereo Machine Vision With Custom FPGA for Precise Surgical Tracking

Developing imaging technology for surgical tracking requires engineering that goes beyond the capabilities of conventional camera providers. Discover how JADAK collaborated with ClaroNav, a worldwide pioneer in surgical navigation, to integrate system electronics and FPGA processing into a customized solution for their next-gen MicronTracker, greatly improving imaging speed and accuracy.
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Can AI and fMRI “Hear” Unspoken Thoughts?

What are the opportunities—and challenges—to be found when AI squares off with functional MRI data? For one, researchers have discovered, reconstructing speech from brain activity seems newly possible—potentially without surgical interventions or other hardware interfaces. The group’s finding, published 1 May in Nature Neuroscience, details the process by which the…
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Timber! The World’s First Wooden Transistor

Transistors inside modern computer chips are several nanometers across, and switch on and off at hundreds of gigahertz. Organic electrochemical transistors, made for biodegradable applications, are milimeters in size and switch at kilohertz rates. The world’s first wooden transistor, made by a collaboration of researchers through the Wallenberg Wood Science…
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