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Infrastructure investment to see supermarket trucks fuelled by hydrogen

Hydrogen is expected to become more popular in medium- to heavy-duty vehicles; unlike their electric counterparts, the refuelling process represents a similar time commitment and experience to existing petrol and diesel vehicles. Although the technology is vastly different, hydrogen refuelling stations can operate in a similar way to the status…
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E-bike batteries should fall under the same rules as fireworks, charity says

Batteries for e-bikes and e-scooters should be regulated like fireworks and heavy machinery to better ensure their safety, according to the Electrical Safety First (ESF) Battery Breakdown report. Currently, e-bikes and e-scooter manufacturers can self-declare whether their products meet safety standards. However, the charity argues that the batteries should be reviewed…
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Billionaire Brings Tesla Autopilot Rebuke

Yesterday, in a livestreamed event, Dan O’Dowd—a software billionaire and vehement critic of Tesla Motors’ allegedly self-driving technologies—debated Ross Gerber, an investment banker who backs the company. The real challenge came after their talk, when the two men got into a Tesla Model S and tested its Full Self-Driving (FSD)…
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