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E-Snowmobile Amps Up Recreation Tech

Boats, bicycles, and motorcycles. Waterfoils, scooters and Segways. There seems to be no limit on imaginative, electrified modes of transportation, mainly from scrappy start-ups with big dreams. The latest is aimed at winter-wonderland fans, and it’s called the Envo SnowKart. Appropriately, it hails from British Columbia, Canada, from Burnaby-based Envo…
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The Greening of Transportation

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, approximately 15 percent of net anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. To meet global climate targets, we must devise ways to get people and goods from point A to point B without burning fossil fuels. In this month’s special…
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500-Mile EV Pack Uses Two Batteries in ONE

Dragging a fledgling American battery company through myriad minefields and into mass production is a daunting mission—even for a veteran battery engineer and executive who played lead roles with Apple’s hush-hush EV program, the now-defunct A123 Systems, and Ford. In December, Mujeeb Ijaz stepped aside as CEO of Michigan-based Our…
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