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India’s First Private Space Rocket Blasts Off

A rocket built by Indian startup Skyroot has become the country’s first privately developed launch vehicle to reach space, following a successful maiden flight earlier today. The suborbital mission is a major milestone for India’s private space industry, say experts, though more needs to be done to nurture the fledgling…
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Robotic Falcon Keeps Birds Away From Airports

Collisions with birds are a serious problem for commercial aircraft, costing the industry billions of dollars and killing thousands of animals every year. New research shows that a robotic imitation of a peregrine falcon could be an effective way to keep them out of flight paths. Worldwide, so-called birdstrikes are…
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Who Will Fix Hubble and Chandra?

Elon Musk, step aside. You may be the richest rich man in the space business, but you’re not first. Musk’s SpaceX corporation is a powerful force, with its weekly launches and visions of colonizing Mars. But if you want a broader view of how wealthy entrepreneurs have shaped space exploration,…
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How a Dual Curing Adhesive Works

This sponsored article is brought to you by Master Bond. Master Bond UV22DC80-1 is a nanosilica filled, dual cure epoxy based system. Nanosilica filled epoxy formulations are designed to further improve performance and processing properties. The specific filler will play a crucial role in determining key parameters such as viscosity,…
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NASA’s DART Mission Aims to Save the World

Armageddon ruined everything. Armageddon—the 1998 movie, not the mythical battlefield—told the story of an asteroid headed straight for Earth, and a bunch of swaggering roughnecks sent in space shuttles to blow it up with a nuclear weapon.“Armageddon is big and noisy and stupid and shameless, and it’s going to be…
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