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3 Challenges to Solve Before We Can Commute by Air Taxi

All over the world, startup companies, government agencies, universities, and airlines are collaborating to launch an entirely new category of aviation based on electric aircraft capable of both vertical takeoff and efficient horizontal flight. In metropolitan areas that struggle with traffic congestion, these aircraft would displace some car commuting and…
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AI Battles the Bane of Space Junk

Photos from low Earth orbit (LEO) are often strikingly beautiful. But what they typically fail to capture is the tens of thousands of debris pieces, or “space junk,” that orbit around Earth’s face like hungry mosquitoes—and threaten to hit satellites and other orbiting assets with enough force to be destructive.…
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How to Build a Power Grid on the Moon

The early forays to the moon employed throwaway technologies, designed to function during the two-week period of lunar daylight, then to perish in the freeze of the equally long night. But to sustain a colony, everything must be made to survive deathly extremes. During daytime, lunar temperatures can reach 120…
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MIT Unveils a Megawatt Motor for Electric Aircraft

Aviation aims to slash some of its substantial carbon emissions by electrifying aircraft, but the industry’s stringent weight restrictions make this difficult. Building electric motors that match the power-to-weight ratios of jet engines has proven especially challenging, so most efforts have been restricted to smaller aircraft. A new compact lightweight…
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Expert Tips for Digital Phased Array Designs

Get tips on efficiently improving the performance of phased array antenna designs. Dr. Wilfredo Rivas-Torres references real-world projects as he examines the RF characterization of a phased array receiver, including: Statistical and element failure analysis Active impedance Beamforming IC (BFIC) modeling Design trade-offs of performance versus cost, showcasing channel impairment…
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