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Sharp-eyed Telescope Tracks Satellites During Daylight

Daytime astronomy—amateur nighttime stargazers might wonder, what’s the point? But astronomers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, have developed a new technique that makes possible daylight observation of structures in the Milky Way galaxy, potentially doubling available observation time and increasing our knowledge of the cosmos. This advance also promises…
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A Complete Ecosystem to Meet Your Space Needs

Space technology is solving some of our most pressing challenges right here on Earth. Applications like satellite communications and GPS are among many of the significant breakthroughs in history. Discover how the Rad Tolerant SOC, DSP and FPGA devices from AMD deliver increased bandwidth and the throughput required for your…
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AI Generates 3D City Maps From Single Radar Images

A new machine learning system can create height maps of urban environments from a single synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image, potentially accelerating disaster planning and response. Aerospace engineers at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich claim their SAR2Height framework is the first to provide complete—if not perfect—three-dimensional city maps…
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