Boosting sustainable solutions from Sweden


In Sweden, Google searches for “climate crises” have increased 110% in the past year, including questions such as “How is Sweden affected by the climate crises” and “How does the climate affect people’s living conditions?”. People are also searching for answers on how they can help, posing questions such as “What sort of food is best from a climate change perspective?” and “How to recycle wood?”. The climate concerns are clear — as is the need for collective efforts to increase knowledge of climate issues and make it easier for people to take action.

At Google, we’re strong believers in cooperation and the power of technology to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, with sustainability being an important area of impact potential. Research supports this — according to a report by Implement Consulting, 20-25% of the greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed for a net-zero economy will require digital solutions.

That’s why in March, we launched the Impact Challenge: Tech for Social Good — the first open call for non-profit organizations, academic or research institutions and social enterprises in Sweden and other European countries to apply for technical help and up to 3 million Euros in funding for charitable projects focused on climate and sustainability.

With the help of an expert panel consisting of Gustav Lind (WWF), Victor Galaz (Stockholm Resilience Center), Mala Valroy (Industrifonden) Sara Öhrvall (Axel Johnson) and Kristian Rönn (Normative), today we’re announcing the chosen recipients and their projects.

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