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DIY Neurotech: Making BCI Accessible

Brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, are having a bit of a moment: Big tech companies have invested in the development of these neurotechnologies—designed to connect brains to digital machinery—specifically making substantive acquisitions of EEG-based neurotechnology startups in recent years. Even companies like BlackRock Neurotech, Neuralink, and Synchron, which are developing surgically…
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The road to decarbonisation begins with increasing grid flexibility

The fight against climate change has reached a critical deadlock. Armed with the information that modernising the grid is essential to significantly cutting carbon dioxide emissions, distribution system operators (DNOs) have the responsibility of bringing this vision to fruition. Electricity loads are anticipated to double by 2050 due to widespread…
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Modeling Electric Motors and Drivetrains

There has been an exponential increase in the demand for electric vehicles, with hybrid and electric cars expected to account for a considerable portion of car sales in the near future. Designing efficient motors is critical for increasing range, reducing battery capacity requirements, and improving power density and costs. Register…
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Entangled Photons Produced Entirely On-Chip

Light-based quantum technology could enable virtually unhackable communication networks and computers that can tackle problems that are currently unsolvable. Today, generating exotic quantum states of light requires bulky equipment that limits the scalability of any potential applications. A new device that squeezes all the necessary components onto a chip smaller…
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