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Decarbonise public buildings ‘five times faster’ to meet net-zero targets, report says

The 'Public Building Energy Efficiency' report, conducted by network service providers Neos Networks, examined the actual energy usage and efficiency of over 450,000 public buildings in England and Wales. It analysed their display energy certificates (DECs) and ‘operational ratings’ (annual CO2 emission kg per m2), and highlighted the areas requiring…
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The Move to Memory-Safe Programming

Memory safety is in the spotlight. In November 2022, the National Security Agency recommended the use of memory-safe programming languages to protect against software-memory safety issues. Earlier this year, Consumer Reports encouraged the use of memory-safe languages in its “Future of Memory Safety” report.“One of the key reasons why memory-safe…
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Agility’s Latest Digit Robot Prepares for Its First Job

This morning at the ProMat conference in Chicago, Agility Robotics is introducing the latest iteration of Digit, its bipedal multipurpose robot designed for near-term commercial success in warehouse and logistics operations. This version of Digit adds a head (for human-robot interaction) along with manipulators intended for the very first task…
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Energy firms face ‘tsunami’ of industrial action, union warns

According to Unite, around 1,400 offshore workers across five companies are planning to strike, which could bring platforms and offshore installations to a “standstill”. The latest round of industrial action will hit BP, CNRI, EnQuest, Harbour, Ithaca, Shell and Total. Fossil fuel extractors have enjoyed bumper profits over the last…
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