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We’re the New Renewables

The Big Picture features technology through the lens of photographers.Every month, IEEE Spectrum selects the most stunning technology images recently captured by photographers around the world. We choose images that reflect an important advance, or a trend, or that are just mesmerizing to look at. We feature all images on…
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Relativity Space Launch: Oh, So Close

Space is hard. Every time a rocket crashes or a probe goes silent, someone invokes the mantra that it’s hard to reach for the stars. Rockets are complicated machines, often with thousands of parts that can doom a mission if just one fails. Relativity Space, a California-based startup, is trying…
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Energy-harvesting materials needed to power future IoT networks, experts say

A group of over 100 scientists, led by Professor Vincenzo Pecunia of Simon Fraser University in Canada, have worked together to analyse various types of energy-harvesting techniques and recommend the best strategy to convert waste energy into clean power.  The resulting paper outlines future research avenues that could allow society to…
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