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The Many Planned Moon Landings of 2023

It never gets any easier to watch: a control room full of engineers, waiting anxiously as the robotic probe they’ve worked on for years nears the surface of the moon. Telemetry from the spacecraft says everything is working; landing is moments away. But then the vehicle goes silent, and the…
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Spatial Data Makes AI Crop-Yield Predictions Better

This article is part of our exclusive IEEE Journal Watch series in partnership with IEEE Xplore. Researchers from Zhejiang University and risk-management company Tongdun Technology, both based in Hangzhou, China, have improved crop-yield predictions using deep-learning techniques. It’s a promising method that can account for the way crop yield is…
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3 Challenges to Solve Before We Can Commute by Air Taxi

All over the world, startup companies, government agencies, universities, and airlines are collaborating to launch an entirely new category of aviation based on electric aircraft capable of both vertical takeoff and efficient horizontal flight. In metropolitan areas that struggle with traffic congestion, these aircraft would displace some car commuting and…
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Students Develop Low-Cost Wearable Device for the Visually Impaired

Employing computer vision techniques, students from the Ramaiah Institute of Technology’s IEEE Computational Intelligence Society chapter in Bangalore, India, developed a device to assist people who are visually impaired. OurVision is a low-cost wearable that reads text out loud to users and helps them navigate their surroundings. The goal is…
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