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5 Big Ideas for High-Temperature Superconductors

In 1911, Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes plunged a mercury wire into liquid helium and noticed that the wire’s electrical resistance vanished. The wire had become a “superconductor.” The extremely low temperatures and high pressures needed to induce superconductivity limited its practical value for decades. But the 1986 discovery of…
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Linda Doyle Blasts Through Ireland’s Academic Glass Ceiling

Linda Doyle has broken through Ireland’s academic glass ceiling. She is the first woman to be provost of the country’s top-ranked university, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin.Trinity’s provost is elected by faculty members and student representatives, not a board of trustees, as happens with American university presidents. The…
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5G “Open” Standards Are in Play—Just How Open Are They?

At a June meeting of major cellular-industry stakeholders in Osaka, Japan, a course correction was under discussion that could jeopardize the industry’s quest for open standards. At issue, specifically, was what the telecom industry calls interoperability: The hope from companies operating cellular networks that they won’t be forced into buying…
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