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Infrastructure investment to see supermarket trucks fuelled by hydrogen

Hydrogen is expected to become more popular in medium- to heavy-duty vehicles; unlike their electric counterparts, the refuelling process represents a similar time commitment and experience to existing petrol and diesel vehicles. Although the technology is vastly different, hydrogen refuelling stations can operate in a similar way to the status…
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The Solar Cell Discovery Machine

With the aid of crystals known as perovskites, solar cells are increasingly breaking records in how well they convert sunlight to electricity. Now a new automated system could make those records fall even faster. North Carolina State University’s RoboMapper can analyze how well perovskites might perform in solar cells, using…
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AI-Assisted Pathology Ready For Mainstream

Laboratory scientists and clinical pathologists currently spend hours in darkened rooms analyzing and testing tissue and fluids of patients for evidence of disease. Unlike blood tests, which are performed using automated analyzers, pathology samples are subject to time-consuming manual microscopy. Digital pathology, which uses a computer-controlled microscope to scan and…
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