Answering your questions about privacy and security at Google

Can I control personalised ads?

Yes, you can choose what you do and don’t see.

You can easily control what ads you see, and turn off personalised ads altogether, thanks to our easy to use My Ad Centre tool.

My Ad Centre gives you greater control of the ads you see on Google services, like Search, YouTube, and Discover, by giving you options for customising ads and managing your privacy settings – either directly from ads you see or in the My Ad Centre itself.

In My Ad Centre, you can easily control whether or not Google will show you personalised ads. You can turn on or off personalised ads on Google services at any time. When you turn on personalised ads, your ads may seem more relevant because your info and the choices you’ve made in My Ad Centre may be used to help find ads for products and brands that interest you.

When you turn off personalised ads, Google will not use the info or activity saved to your Google account or your choices in My Ad Centre to show you ads. Instead, the ads you see will be contextual – that is, they will be based on general factors like the time of day or the topic of the video, website, or app you’re viewing.

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