8 ways Google tools help me care for my pets


4. Use Google Assistant for quick access to your vet

If you have a Pixel phone, you can set up a shortcut for Google Assistant to make a call to your vet from your device in case of an emergency. To do this on your phone, search “shortcuts” in your Pixel’s settings and make a fast voice command like “call vet” or “vet SOS” — whatever’s going to come to mind for you when you most need it.

Speaking of phone calls: Be sure to visit your phone’s Do Not Disturb settings and make sure important pet care contacts can get through even when you’ve limited interruptions, just in case. Beyond your pet’s vet, that might include their groomer, trainer, walker, talent agent — you get it.

5. Free up your hands for leashes (or head pats) with Pixel Buds

Between the leashes and dog bags, I usually need to be hands-free when I’m walking my dogs. That’s exactly why I have my Pixel Buds Pro connected to my Pixel with Google Assistant turned on. This way, even with my hands full of dog stuff — or actual dogs — I can answer or make calls, skip songs I’m streaming or pause and play podcasts. (Again, see #4 and set up your own voice shortcuts.) And you don’t need to have a dog to make the most of this tip: Maybe you need both hands to snuggle your cat uninterrupted or to teach your rabbit a new trick.

6. Dedicate your Pixel’s screen to your pet

Every time I pick up my phone, I’m greeted by a photo of my pups. To bring this kind of instant happiness boost into your life, in your Pixel’s settings, head to “wallpaper & style.” Choose “change wallpaper” to pick a fave pet photo for your home screen, lock screen or both. Better yet, use a Cinematic wallpaper; if you have a Pixel 6 or newer, your phone will turn a regular old 2D photo into 3D.

Original Source: https://blog.google/products/pixel/google-pet-care-tips/

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